Our 6 year old class consists of  6 Pre-Scholar’s
Personnel:  1 Qualified Teacher and 1 Assistant

OUR GUIDELINES  FOR THE 6 YEAR OLDS (GR R) (The National Curriculum Statement NCS)

Table Manners is of big importance, concentrating on the correct handling of cutlery, independency with regard to toilet routine. Forks and Knives should be used. Discipline is of utmost importance.

Shapes: Star, Heart, Triangle, Rectangle,  Circle, Square, Oval, Diamant
Colours : Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Brown
All colours light and dark
All forms of visual as well as intellectual perception is covered as well as abstract 
Let your child build puzzle at home up until  60 pieces

Sound recognition (A-Z)
Recognition of Name, as well as writing name independently
Recognition of surname
Building of small words
Recognitionofwords (Incidental)
Beginning and end sounds.
Parents can also contribute by making your child aware of sounds around you.


All aspects is covered e.g.  Rhythmic counting, number recognition, adding of sums, sorting, position, ordinal numbering, length, height, thickness, contents, mass, rupture, seasons, days of the week.
Giving simple instructions to your child  e.g. lay the table with four knives. Tell your toddler when it is his/her birthday, how old he/ she is, teach them your address and telephone number.

Gross motor development takes place when your child plays running games, moving games with reference to music,  ball games and games with bean bags. Fine motor development gives attention to the handling of crayons, use of a pegboard, opening and closing of washing pegs etc. Fine motor developments entail handling and controlling of crayons, scissors, paint brushes, pasting, tearing, folding and fumble playing with dough and finger exercises. 

Every other week  we do a different theme, please take note of the theme board in front and in class, please  send something for the theme table and talk to your toddler about the themes so that they also take part and learn about the themes, it will encourage them to bring articles for the theme table.