5 year old class  – Monster Class (For great Monstrous work)
Our 5 year old class consists of  15 Pre-Scholar’s
Personnel: 1 Qualified Teacher and 1 Assistent

GUIDELINES 5 YEARS  (The National Curriculum Statement NCS)

Table Manners is of big importance, concentrating on the correct handling of cutlery, independency with regard to toilet routine. Discipline is of utmost importance.

Toddlers become exposed to
Shapes : Star, Heart, Triangle, Rectangle,  Circle, Square, Oval, Diamant.
Colours : Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Brown, White and Black
All forms of visual as well as intellectual perception is covered as well as abstract 
Let your child build puzzle at home up until 48 pieces


Sound recognition (a,b,g,s,t,k,l,m,e,j,o,r,h,d,f,I,w) Please note that all letters have to be lower case, only the first letter of their name may be Capital.
Name recognition
Building of words
Recognitionofwordse.g. in the class, window, door, wall, etc.
Beginning and end sounds.
Make your toddler aware of sounds around you and words to incidental reading


All aspects is covered e.g.  Rhythmic counting, number recognition, adding of sums, sorting, position, ordinal numbering , length, height, thickness, contents, mass, rupture, seasons, days of the week.
Give your Toddler simple instructions e.g. lay the table with four knives. Tell your toddler when it is her or his birthday, how old he/ she is, Teach them your address and  telephone number etc.

Gross motor development takes place when they : play running games, moving games with reference to music , ball games and playing with bean bags, and when  actions is done with basic motor movements like jumping, skipping, frog jumps, rabbit jumps and standing on one leg ,jumping on one leg  and foreword rolls.Fine motor development  entail handling and controlling of crayons, paint brushes, pasting, folding, scissors, tearing and fumble playing with dough and finger exercises. 

Every week we do a theme, please take note of the theme board in front and in class, please also send something for the theme table and talk to your toddler about the themes so that they also take part and learn about the themes, encourage them to bring articles for the theme table 5-6 year old class ( Gr R )  – Monster Class (For great Monstrous work)